The Importance Of Hacking

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According to Brain Harvey, University of California, and Berkeley: it seems to Brain to argue about the meaning of a word whatever people use to get a meaning is a word Brain is not the Academic Francis. Also he cannot force the News week to use the word Hacker according to his official definition. Regardless understanding the source of a word from where it comes Hacker also may help us in understanding the happening or existence of social situation. In 1960 the idea of hacking entered to the computer culture at the Massachusetts Institute of technology assuming a popular public opinion at MIT assumed that there are two kinds of students, tools and hackers. He describes tool as a student attend class regularly and always in library when there is no class finally scores A. The other one the opposite to tool , A “HACKER” never goes to school staying at home , sleeping the whole day, the night he goes around to recreational areas, instead of studying. Indeed there is no a position of compromise or no middle ground.…show more content…
A history by BBC News on line reporter Mark Ward also found the original meaning of the word “hack” and its birth place at MIT,which its original meaning elegant, witty and extra ordinary quality way of doing almost everything. It says many of hacks were taken, because of carefully arranged plan of practical jokes. In 1994- the students of MIT put the police car on top of the Institute Great Domes by convincing replica of a campus. The expression continued, now the meaning of hacking has been changed because of portmanteau term is mixed with computer breaking in to harming or similar kind of telecommunications system. Those who break in to computers system called “crackers” and those targeting phones are known as
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