Urban Poverty Problems

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My topic which is the urban poor and their unsure uniqueness basically it relates that in this modern world the concept of urbanization is increasing day by day. It is accepted to be a one good step but finishing the rural area and converting it to an urban area is increasing the rate of people being urban poor. The urban growth is attributed to both natural population growth, and rural to urban migration. Urbanization contributes to constant economic growth which is serious to poverty reduction. The economies of scale and collection in cities attract investors and entrepreneurs which is good for overall economic development. Many of the problems of urban poverty are fixed in a difficulty of resource and capacity restrictions, poor Government…show more content…
• regular allocation of sufficient funds for housing through a multi-stakeholder process and guaranteeing that budget on housing even on the level of the interest of the Gender and Development framework. Urban poverty is not only poverty but is mess, in order to overcome urban poverty control rural poverty, as from here people move towards the cities. 1. Control over arrival to cities by giving better survival opening in villages. 2. Education system need to be job concerned with in the rural and urban areas . 3. Encourage set up of small and cottage industries in rural village it will help them to get a reasonable source of income. 4. Make decent education productive and economical so even poor have access to it. 5. Discourage industries in urban cities to control population. No NGOs Administrations or any institute can help until population has purchasing…show more content…
According to Martin Ravallion review he stated that urbanization is becoming part of the developing countries it is not welcomed as poverty comes along with it. It is believed by him that overall urbanization is good for economic growth but I would agree and disagree at the same time, the reason for agreeing is that a country which is developed gains the benefit of urbanization as workforce increases and as people coming in cities helps employment level to get increase so this overall is beneficial for economic growth. Now the reason I disagree is that urbanization for developing country is an alarming bell as already there is scarcity of resources, limited land to live and the rate of inflation, Poverty and unemployment is observed to be high so in this situation people coming to towns and cities make things worse and they are force to live as

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