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CHAPTER 2 Literature Review In Chapter 2 the film industry is analysed with special focus on the Marketing Mix. The chapter is introduced by the cinema industry sector. Furthermore it gives a detailed description of what an experience is what leads to the importance of marketing and makes clear why the 4Ps have been chosen to structure the literature review. The central theme is to discover the most appropriate film industry elements for the four different variables of the Marketing Mix to provide a foundation for the survey and final conclusion. This chapter discusses the separation of the four variables of the Marketing Mix through the use of film literature from books and academic articles, including “Marketing To Moviegoers” by Marich, Robert (2013), “Film Marketing” by Kerrigan, F. (2010) and “How important is Film Marketing in Attracting an Audience” by Moorcroft, J. (2012). The reason for their selection is their value as reliable sources and their academic focus on film and marketing. After reading this chapter, the reader should be able to understand all elements of a cinema experience. Cinema Industry According to Kottler (2005), the media and entertainment world is changing and though globalisation remains a controversial issue, its pace is…show more content…
Ashwood (2008) uses the Term “Good experience” in order to explain that this form of experience triggers people to repeat the event. Great experience leads to motivation. According to Lai (2011), motivation can be seen as a reason to underline and explain behavoir. Instrinsic motivation is triggred by interested and pleasure while extrinsic motivation is commanded by reinforcement contingencies. Experience and motivation are related and cinemas offer a form of experience as product. (More about cinema experience in Chapter 2. Literature Review, located in the product

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