Life On Mars Analysis

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LIFE ON MARS Is there really life on mars? Humanity is searching for life for a long time. However in the last century humanity experienced a lot about the space and universe. In September 2015 humanity found liquid water in Mars. I found two Ted Talks video about the life in Mars. First one is “How Mars might hold the secret to the origin of life” by Nathalie Cabrol. Second one is “There might just be life on Mars” by Penelope Boston. I will discuss who are their audience and how they tell their stories buy using ethos, logos and pathos. Ethos is mostly using credibility and ethics in the narrative. If a narrator use ethos in his or her video, picture or article it means that the person is trying to affect the audience by respect and…show more content…
Cabrol is using more ethos in her argument. She focuses on curiosity of people. In her argument she talks about the importance of discovering Mars. When people watch her, they get curious about Mars and science. Prof. Cabrol is telling her researches with passion. Her storytelling style is her key point. For example, she says “We only need a time machine, which drives us 3.5 billion years back on time.”(Cabrol, 2015). Also she asks, “ It is easy right?” (Cabrol, 2015). Asking questions and being humorous affect audience in a positive way. She also use her hands a lot in the seminar. Furthermore, she walks around the stage and tries to make eye contacts with everyone, who listens them. They are really effective ways to convince people in a seminar. Also her slides illustrate the people her researches. In her slides, people see her and other scientist. That makes the audience think in more scientific way. Because when a person sees scientist in the picture it means that the scientists were a field research and went to the field. It is more convincing than empty pictures without any human. Also, illustrations she does in the seminar is very important. She shows people some places form earth but she says it is how Mars was seems like 3.5 billion years before. Even her dressing style is important. She wears all black and she does not give people to chance think about her clothes. If she dresses colorful clothes or shows up to the stage with a t-shirt, which has
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