For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide Analysis

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Ntozake Shange’s overall message in For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf is a truly inspiring one. The play is a representation of sisterhood and the coming of age as an African-American woman. She writes to provide inspiration for the hardship that women of color have faced for many years. She brings forth a strong message of empowerment and self-love. Shange touches on the many struggles that black women face in their everyday lives. She believes that focusing on love and acceptance is what gets them through the hard times. She encourages “colored girls who have considered suicide” to be fearless in their quest for independence and embrace their self-worth. The seven main women in this play are not named. They are each called the lady in red, lady in orange, lady in yellow, lady in green, lady in blue, lady in brown, and lady…show more content…
Back in the day, women of color would feel powerless and unworthy. They struggled with finding their identity, finding acceptance, and finding love. They blame all their suffering on men. They encourage men to accept their mistakes and be real instead of telling meaningless lies. In society today, colored women still struggle in finding their identities. Being ignored and poorly understood likely explains why so many black women today still feel unhappy about their place in society. There are many stereotypes against black women that hold them back from doing what they want to do. Few black women in society have found their sense of confidence and pride. They are living life to the fullest and they aren’t letting anyone stand in their way. This relates back to the seven women because although they grieve, they also celebrate their lives and their color. They began to accept that being black is beautiful. There wasn’t a reason for them to be ashamed of what color skin they are or what gender they

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