Annotated Bibliography: A Kingdom Cleared Of Castles

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Annotated Bibliography Cornell, David. "A Kingdom Cleared of Castles: the Role of the Castle in the Campaigns of Robert Bruce." The Scottish historical review 87.2 (2008): 233-57. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Mar. 2015 The article accounts for destruction of the castles during Robert the Bruce's reign. The author used primarily information from biographies of Robert I. Cornell's research analyzes the Bruce's policy of slighting the castles. He answers a question on the reason why Bruce did not use castles, which he captured, for occupation. The article is useful source of information, as it determines the reasons why the castles suffered a decline in its military importance and were treated as monuments to earlier wars. Bruce's decision of slighting the castles implies that the traditional role of occupying and garrisoning castles was drawing to an end. For that reason this article includes supplementary information for my thesis. Gravett, Christopher, and Adam Hook. English castles, 1200-1300. Oxford: Osprey, 2009. EPUB file. In this book Gravett analyzes fortification throughout the 13th century. The book involves a large number of pictures which depict the architectural development. It illustrates how the English castle began to adopt the classical form. Gravett examines English castles as a centre for…show more content…
He has written a large number of books, academic papers on this topic. This book is full of information about the most important medieval castles in Wales. The first chapter refers to the history of castle architecture in Britain. The following chapters - divided by region - analyze the structures, including plans, maps and photographs. The book provides an extensive bibliography for further reading. The book is useful for my thesis through detailed information about many castles in Wales. Furthermore, it depicts the life of Edward I and his influence on the building castles in

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