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Patriarchy can be traced back to ancient times and has been a common occurrence in many societies throughout history and even today. As Mencius, a Confucian Chinese philosopher, once wrote, "A woman is to be subordinate to her father in youth, her husband in maturity, and her son in old age." Although we may think that we have completely moved on from this mode of thinking, parts of the patriarchal family has remained in our society. Ang Lee's film Eat Drink Man Woman illustrates the many facets of Chinese culture and tradition including the patriarchal nature of the Chinese society. Released a bit over 20 years ago, Lee's film has been the subject of much analysis and debate. Anne L. Bower, a food historian, asserts in her book, Reel Food:…show more content…
In the end…Jia-Chien, returns to the kitchen…the resolutions return the credit to traditional patriarchy, which is now seen as even more capable of containing challenge and renewing its validity…" When you take into consideration that Jia-Chien ends up taking the promotion and moving to Amsterdam and the fact that Jia-Chien's cooking is finally appreciated and respected by her father through the power of the Eternal Feminine, one must conclude that the "virile" and "reproductive sexuality" of Chu is not "confirmed at the expense of his daughters' confused experiences" but rather it the role of the Eternal Feminine that allowed for the reconciliation of Chu's psyche that lets him move on from the family he once had to the new family that has been formed, mainly the one with Jin-Rong and Shan Shan. Thus, the patriarchal family archetype is not being restored; in fact it is being

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