Life In The Greek Life: Life About Three Philosophers

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Life about Three Philosophers How did philosophers live and what they did? Philosophy is “love of wisdom” in the Greek language. It has already lasted for several centuries. Philosophy helps us think about a thing that is important for us. Achievements of philosophy are huge. Mathematics, physics, and other sciences can not be in the first place without philosophical investigation. Philosophers such as Socrates, Saint Augustine, or Hayy Ibn Yaqzan are extremely wise. They lived in the different situations and in the different time. For example, Socrates and Saint Augustine lived in the fourth century BC. However, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan lived in the eleventh century. They could find answers to their own questions. Despite that they lived long years ago, there was not much books or technologies by comparing with present time. However, they were intelligent and experienced. Although they did not live at the same time, they are different and similar to their explored lives, sought to gain genuine…show more content…
For example, Socrates lived in order to learn philosophy. Moreover, he learned philosophy, made people seek for truth, and struggled with injustice. Socrates did not make money for his family because he helped people. Besides this, when the Oracle said that Socrates is the wisest man, Socrates did not consider wise himself. He looked for people who are wiser than him in order to prove that he is not the wisest man on the Earth. Socrates went to search the truth. Socrates questioned unjust people. For example, according to Plato (2000) Socrates said that “if one of you disputes this and says he does care, and if I do not think he has attained the goodness that he says he has, I shall reproach him because he attaches little importance to the most important things and greater importance to inferior things.” (p.10). In other words, Socrates explored his life doing things which mentioned

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