How Did Ancient Greece Influenced Western Civilization

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Ancient Greece influenced western civilization through many ways, and as a result changed the way people lived and viewed their society in general. Some of the great influences of Ancient Greece included in the essay were; government, medicine, drama, and philosophers. Philosophers were also one of the great contributors that influenced western civilization because as a result of their discoveries it changed what we once believed in till this today. The role of the government varied throughout Athens. City-states had many types of government such as the monarchy which was ruled by a king or queen, and a few city states had a aristocracy which was a government ruled by a small group of noble families another government was a oligarchy which…show more content…
Some people didn’t like Socrates teachings and thought they were dangerous to the young people and to lighten the fire more Socrates refusing to recognize the gods so he was brought to trial, and was found guilty for not recognizing the gods by the state. Later then he died because he drank a cup of poison hemlock while his friends were surrounding him. No one would have known about Socrates if it wasn’t for his pupils like Plato which recorded many of his ideas. Plato also became an important thinker, and so did Plato's student, Aristotle who wrote books summarizing Greek knowledge; he also believed that humans were godlike in a way and are ability to reason is what sets us from animals. Other thinkers were Hippocrates, and Euclid. Hippocrates was the founder of medicine, and the creator of an oath which said you promise not use or take care of a patient by using harmful medicine or to suggest any advice that might harm the patient. Hippocrates oath is still used till this day many hospitals and teachers make their students say the oath. Euclid was a Greek mathematician who wrote a geometry book called Element, and he was also known as the father of geometry. These were some of the thinkers in ancient Greek that influenced the western civilization in their own ways. (Docs. #1, 2, 4,

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