Argumentative Essay On Muslim Women

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Throughout history, women’s bodies, and the garments women wear to clothe their aforementioned bodies, have been heavily policed. From Victorian women being thought of as scandalous for flashing the slightest hint of ankle to the criticism women initially received when they first started wearing the mini-skirt, the discussion of women’s bodies has historically been problematic. Even in the present day, the vast majority of religions and cultures have clear, restrictive standards for how women should dress and present themselves. In the most recent decades, Muslim women are undoubtedly the group most frequently targeted for criticism. Individuals benefitting from a patriarchal system often skewer the garb of Muslim women in order to to push…show more content…
In addition to claiming that the ban served to ‘protect’ women, Cannes mayor David Lisnard suggested that a woman wearing a burkini could ‘disrupt public order’ and described the burkini as a ‘symbol of Islamist extremism’. Similarly, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front, claimed that the burkini was one of the 'symptoms' of the rise of Islamism within France and the reason the government was targeting Muslim women was because 'no other religion' were causing…show more content…
The way the ban was enforced. On a beach in Nice, French police approached a burkini-clad woman, coerced her to disrobe, and fined her for not wearing swimwear that respected ‘good morals and secularism’. The horrifying and degrading manner in which her rights were infringed upon caught the attention of the international press. As people were made aware of the ban and the events that had transpired following the ban, many took to the internet to express their disgust both at the incident and regarding the ban. Many pointed out that a law that demands a woman undress is equally as oppressive as laws demanding that women should cover

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