Essay About Garbage

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Garbage, we discover it in all places, every time and the amount of the garbage increase terribly. If garbage not managed well, it will make a lot of problem in the future. Garbage is materials outcast or thrown out of the source of human activity or environment and it doesn’t have any economic value. Garbage simply divide into 2 types: Organic garbage (degradable), Inorganic garbage (undegradable). Organic garbage is garbage which is easy to decompose such as leftovers, vegetable, dry leaves, and so on. This garbage is able to process into compost. Inorganic Garbage is garbage which is hard to decompose, such as plastics, can, bottle and so on. Generally inorganic garbage becomes serious problem, and for the most part become a problem in area…show more content…
Reuse, choose goods that could be worn again as much as possible. This is able to extend the time usage of goods before the goods become garbage. Recycle, the goods which is not useful and recycled it back as much as possible. Not every item is able to recycle, but it's been a lot of informal industries and households that create/produce garbage into other goods. Replace, replace items which can only be used once with items that is more long-lasting and used only goods that are environmentally friendly. For the companies which are producing plastic and making products which can’t be recycled, they must re-design their products to be recycled products which are environmentally friendly. The Government itself needs to encourage citizen for socialization and citizen needs to be aware of the dangers posed by the garbage, and provide knowledge about the types of garbage and sorting the garbage. The government also needs to have and make more efforts about the further plans about processing the garbage, and not only gather the garbage in the landfill area which is might add health and environment problems in the future. The government must have further plans to turn the garbage into something useful or process it into something
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