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Leon’s Furniture Limited has highlighted two main methods to capitalize on future growth strategies. The most prominent strategy is continuing the success that has come from gaining The Brick in previous years. With this acquisition, Leon’s has the ability to reach all consumers. As shown in the Presidents Message, The Brick’s position builds on price-oriented consumers while Leon’s has refocused on the higher end products. In addition to creating further synergies with all Leon’s Furniture Limited franchises, they plan on expanding their online presence. With plans to be Canada’s largest online provider of furniture, major appliances, home electronics, mattresses and home furnishings, Leon’s is keeping up with the development of the key retail channel on the Internet. This is through integrating a new website, and social media in addition to the already existing divisional websites. It is extremely important that Leon’s follows the trends of the industry, which they are effectively started to do with the increase of online presence. According to a study conducted by KPMG, the use of multi-channel sales is gaining in…show more content…
While in a challenging industry, Leon’s managed to increase same-store sales despite having lower gross margins. There are many areas of Leon’s business process that are contributing to the recent success they have had within the company. The expanding retail network that they have put in place from both adding locations, and increasing networking online is one of the key processes that Leon’s has used effectively. Furthermore, the extensive service and distribution networks allow Leon’s to reach customers anywhere in Canada, with a reduced cost of using a third party. Another key process is the use of their store networks, including Leon’s, The Brick, and United Furniture Warehouse (UFW). With the 303 stores across Canada, serving all types of consumers is very

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