Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)

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(HPV) Human papiloma virus is a common virus that may cause genital warts. There are over 100 type/ forms of (HPV). The majority is inoffensive, but there are about 30 types which are associated/ linked to cancer. There is a vaccine which can prevent this when administer to children up to adolescent, with a margin of 21 years of age in males and 26 years of age in females if neither has still be not sexually active. My purpose being to create awareness and the desire to educated. We can define (HPV) as a common (STD) sexual transmitted disease. (HPV) is a different type of virus compare to (HIV) or Herpes. HPV is so common that a large number of males and females, who are sexually active, may have acquired it, at one point in their lives. There

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