Overcoming Obstacles In Chris Herren's Life

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¨Although the world is full of suffering it is also full of the overcoming of it¨- Helen Keller. In this world the only thing that can stand between you and your dreams is you. Yes the world is full of hate, addiction, abuse, heartlessness, poverty, and many more things. All of those things are obstacles and they get in people's way but the reality of it is this: you can overcome anything in this world if you have enough determination and heart. Chris Herren, an extraordinary basketball player, overcame a big obstacle in his life. He overcame addiction. Chris Herren was destined to be a basketball player right once he was born. In the type of house he lived in playing sports was not a choice. His older brother Michael had played basketball in high school and was very good which meant that right once Chris got to highschool he was…show more content…
Later Chris had a family. His high school love was his wife and they had two kids, Sammy and Chris. Despite Chris having a family he still had big drug problems. Now he was addicted to heroin. ¨This was my daily routine, had been for about eight months. Put Sammy on the bus, go to Fall River, do some dope, and get back in time for when Sammy and my nine-year-old son, Chris, came home on the bus. That was my life, the only way I could function¨(Herren 15). Sadly Chris just could not get off the drugs. He talked about how dopesick he would get. Cold sweats, leg spasms, he was living in agony unless he was high. There were money problems because he spent it all on drugs. His wife would ask him about a bill that he said he had paid and he would just yell at her and tell her that she was crazy. ¨Although Herren managed to make it to the NBA, his life continued to spin out of control until he OD'd in his car and was found unconscious with a bag of heroin on the seat beside him¨(¨Basketball¨).Chris Herren was dead for thirty

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