John Herschend's Essay: Does Rap Music Cause Violence?

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In the article by John Herschend, Rap Takes a Bum Rap, Herschend tries to convince people that Rap does not actually create violence. More specifically, Herschend cites that Rap is just the same from movies, television shows and other forms of music. Rap music is a form of art where people may express their feelings emotionally and physically. Rap music does not cause the act of violence, instead it only educates people of what is happening in our world. Rap music has become the center of attention, whether it causes violence or violence is the cause of rap lyrics. In John Herschend’s article, Herschend declares what he thinks about Rap music: “Rap music is a window to real life, an expression of frustration and a way for Americans to understand what is going on in our streets. This is not to validate the violence, but to say that the expression is a positive release for both listener and singer, something that should not be so readily ignored and dismissed” (107).…show more content…
Some Rap music addresses about violence, but it does not mean that Rap creates violence. Why is it that if Rap music contains the language of violence, drugs, and oppression, many people forbid this type of music into public; however, when movies and television shows the act of violence, these people allow this type of entertainment? It means that it strongly shows how some television shows and Rap musics are similarly the same. Furthermore, Rap music should not have been considered to cause problems in the

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