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Many people can be lead by example in basketball Have you ever been lead by example in basketball? Some things are good things to follow by examples but some other things can not be a good thing to follow by example. Geting lead by a example in basketball is not a bad thing but sometimes it can be a bad thing like if you are going to be lead by a example someone set for you to follow and it was to not try at all, do not go to your practices, do not try to do the drills right do it like you want to no like the couch wants you to do, and saying your the best player and don't have to listen to anybody and that you can do what you want to do and nobody can tell you what to do, and that the coach is stupid if he does not play you and your team will lose if you don't play because you think everybody else is no good at basketball. Some good ways to follow a example for basketball is to go to every practices, try your best, do the drills like your coach wants you to do them, tell everybody that they are a good basketball player that we can win every game if we go out there and do our best and be a good leader to the people who do not play that much .Some people…show more content…
When couch shows me what I did wrong on my shoot I will do it how he showed me to do it. When he shows us how to do the drills I will try do them like he shows us. When I don t play and other people are. When my team would lose the game. When other people would start end staded of me that would make me want to try hard so next game maybe i could start the game instead of the other person and that would make that person try harder and then are team would be trying a lot harder then if we would not try because we thought we were no good and we thought we could never win a game and we could never start for the people on the beach and we would never play just the starters would play and they thought they were no good. See I have been lead by a example
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