Lead By Example Essay

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Do people lead by example Reality or Fiction. People should lead by example and then it may help other people. People used to do it all the time. Why should we lead by example? What to lead by example means. How to lead by example. Lead by example. To lead by example Reality or Fiction. It is Reality for parents, because they want their children to learn to be good. So the parents will be good. There is many people who was not lead by example or maybe in a bad way. Some are not nice like people who murder all the other people. Bank robbers who want to rob banks for money. Carjackers who take people’s cars. Plus many more that I can not start to name them all. If the parents took the time to lead by example they could of got a great job and life, or job. Now they aren’t nice or friendly. Look at the people their parents who took time to lead by example. Farmers who grow food for all the people in the whole wide world. Doctors who help people recover, or get…show more content…
If I was a parent I would lead by example about being good, and manners. Be a person who helps, not someone who takes things, or causes harm to people or things. Manners so people will want to sit by them in a restaurant, or anywhere else. So they will not look so bad while they eat. People can say wow you have super good manners, or I want manners that good. Eat and not feel bad about how you eat. Teach all kinds of manners like being resecful to adults at all times like parents, or family members. Open doors for poeple like at gas stations,hotals,markets, and stores. If you are at a store let people with less things go in front of you.Tring to help someone out if you see them having troblem with something. Plus many more manners that I can not state naming. The more manners you can teach the better, because they can became a better person in the big world. The more people that lead by example the better, because more good people is better than
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