Summary Of The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

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F. Scott Fitzgerald had the creative and extraordinary way of writing a love story based on compassion, death, and betrayal. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, there are multiple themes offered, including justice, power, and greed. The novel is written a certain way so that it allows the reader to picture things their own way. Through the fanciful parties that Gatsby throws, the love that Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby show, and the society that loves wealth and money, The Great Gatsby is expressed through past and present. This nine chapter novel demonstrates different social classes, money, power, and love. One of the most important chapters of the book would be Chapter 9, which concludes the book by ending something that was just beginning. F. Scott Fitzgerald…show more content…
The last chapter of the book is Chapter 9. A title that would be able to portray the chapter well would be, The End of the Green Light. After the death of Jay Gatsby, the rumors about him continue, with so many people surrounding the funeral. Nick Callaway tries to hold a large funeral for him, but all of his friends have strangely disappeared. Even Tom and Daisy Buchanan moved away, without any trace. Nick wants to move back to the Midwest, to Minnesota. In addition to that, Nick runs into Tom in New York City. Tom says that he was the one who told Mr. Wilson that it was Gatsby’s car who hit his wife, Myrtle. Nick realizes that Tom and Daisy are selfish and uncaring people. This creates an ending of the outlook that Daisy and Tom portrayed throughout the entire book. Furthermore, it showed the reader that the entire story Daisy and Tom were not what they were expected to be, especially Daisy. Additionally, they destroy the things of everyone else and they do not care because they believe that their money will protect them from everything negative. Before the

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