Iodine Diffusion Lab

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LAB Design Template Name: Dara Kazerouni Class: 3A Date: 3A Title of Experiment : Effect of the temperature and concentration on the rate of diffusion Purpose/Aim ( a brief statement, 1-2 sentences, statement of the purpose of experiment, in own words): In this lab we are going to observe the process of diffusion, with the aid of corn starch solution, plastic wrap and iodine solution. Then we are going to form a hypothesis about the effect of temperature and concentration on the the process of diffusion then make an experiment to test this hypothesis Focused Research Question- BE DETAILED AND SPECIFIC!! In this experiment, we will discover how diffusion is affected by environmental conditions and how diffusion relates to homeostasis by observing the interaction between a cornstarch solution and an iodine solution separated by a plastic membrane. Lugol’s iodine causes cornstarch to turn a blue - black color. Starting with three test tubes containing 10 mL of the three Lugol’s iodine solutions (A, B, or C). We will run 3 trials in which we vary the concentration of iodine in our setup. We will observe how the rate of diffusion of iodine across the plastic membrane varies with iodine concentration. Using different test groups we will use solutions at different temperatures in order to investigate whether environmental conditions play a role as well.…show more content…
The higher the temperature, the faster will be the rate of iodine movement through the membrane because of an increase in particle

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