Death Of A Salesman Conflict Essay

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Conflict is inevitable in life: it enables for a person to grow, learn and discover new things about oneself. The effect of this can be positive or negative on the person effects, and the consequences can either produce good or bad events. In “Death of a Salesman,” conflict within the Loman family runs deep and effects the entire family. The main character of the story, father Willy Loman, drives the whole story and is the salesman references to in the title. Conflict in “Death of a Salesman” is driven by Willy Loman’s constant failure in the business world and false hallucinations, which ultimately creates the perfect setting for a story to grow and for characters to develop. The first source of conflict comes in Willy’s constant failure in the world of business and in his personal life. Willy keeps traveling for sales trips, and none of them turn out successful. Willy’s failures in business, in turn effect how he fails in his family life. The failures in business play out at home, as Willy attempts to deal with his failures. Continued failures build up, and eventually it effects every part of ones life.…show more content…
Each member of the Loman family is stuck in a state of mind which disillusions their view of reality. Willy is disillusioned by success and his constant drive for it, Linda by thinking that Willy will be one day successful and Biff is stuck in his high school glory. Willy is suffering the most from his hallucinations, as they are jading his vision so much he is failing to see reality. He believes that being successful in life is the only way to happiness, which is untrue. He seemed to be well liked by everyone, which he struggled to do. His family is visibly concerned for him, and the visions he has causes the death of a

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