Essay On Racism Through Racism

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In the United States, racism unveiled itself through segregation, privileges in education, immigration, voting rights, citizenship, land acquisition, and criminal procedure. Racism is one of the most important social issues which has affected millions of people worldwide. The history of what we call racism which is the discrimination of other groups cause of their difference in colour began ages ago. It existed ages ago and I argue that it is still there. Even though the term racism began when the Europeans were colonising and holding people of colour as their property, racism hasn’t only been the white finding themselves superior to black people. It's also about black people being racist to white people as well. This gives out the point that…show more content…
Racial segregation is the separation of access to facilities, services and educational opportunities. People in the United States are saying racial segregation ended a long time ago when people of different colour were supposed to take a bus with coloured people only. When they were not allowed to walk in the same pathway with white people. To be clear I know this isn’t the segregation which was there during my grandparents era but racial segregation is somehow still alive and well in the USA. I will explain how. According to research it showed me that children of colour in the USA are most likely to attend poverty stricken schools such as the African Americans and Hispanic. The overwhelming concentration of separated students of colour in schools with mostly poor students with parents and teachers who earn very low income has produced a big gap in the educational achievement of coloured schools as compared to the white schools. The reason is because of very low educational facilities, opportunities and the teachers efforts for the students to succeed which is mainly because of racial segregation. “It's the measure of racial segregation that is mostly strongly correlated to the racial achievement gap” said Sean F.Reardon, a professor at Stanford University. He was referring to the education of the students in the United States. This shows that in the USA racial segregation still exists overtly in their school systems. In the USA 43% of Latinos and 38% of blacks go to schools where less than 10% of their peers are
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