Racism After The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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When asked, some individuals say that there has been much improvement in terms of racism since the civil rights era in the 1960`s. However, other individuals hold that racism has become worse since the civil rights era. Indeed, individuals hold these both of these positions for a purpose. Racists perceive that members of a particular race have superior traits, abilities, and qualities over members of other races. Over time, racism has been an issue and sadly, it continues to be a significant issue. However, although racism has decreased since the civil rights era, it continues to affect some sections of the society. According to Brent Staples in “Just Walk on By”, the society continues to hold negative views towards black men…show more content…
Individuals who took to the forefront, their criticism about racism, and the separation of communities based on race gained popularity because their ideas were unheard of. Indeed, these individuals were introducing and advocating new lifestyles and policies, which would ensure that members from all races received equal treatment (Bonilla-Silva, 2001; Tolnay,2003). The 1950`s and 1960`s witnessed the growth and rise of these movements significantly. The most vocal leaders in the civil rights era were Martin Luther King and Malcom X who rose against racism and fought for the inclusion of African Americans in various forms of representation such as elective forums (Ehrenreich, 2007; Slack, 2013). At that time, racism was quite significant especially towards black Americans. All the civil rights leaders had different ideas and perspectives on how they would approach the goal of harmonizing the society and ensuring that racism was abandoned. Malcom X believed that “Pan Africanism would enable black Americans to rise” while Martin Luther King believed that black men and women only needed a platform to exercise their rights equally along Whites, Latinos, and Native Americans (Eltis,

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