Sarojini Naidu's Role Of Women In National Life

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heart of Indians. Women in National life: Sarojini Naidu proposed a resolution on role of women in freedom struggle and national life on December 30th 1915 at Bombay. On the list of various resolutions that had to be addressed on that day this was the third one and she changed to the first one for her personal convenience and she also said ‘it represents the most important problems of our social progress, and that is the education of our women’. Ten years after the Social Conference in Calcutta where she pleaded for education of women, she is there in Bombay to again talk on the same topic and she sees and says how the situation has changed drastically. She says there wasn’t this same gathering that day especially in numbers and this indicates that within the last ten years not only the men but those more intimately and essentially concerned, the women themselves have begun to realise the cause of a new spirit that gave India those Gargis, Maitrayis, those Savitris and Sita.…show more content…
She says to her sisters that it is not from the government or the co-operation of manhood they will get the force to wipe-off the stain from the history of their country but from the womanhood of India which is suffering from a wrong. She says she is hearing millions of her sons crying ‘let the womanhood of the country wake and work’. She was inspired by the rapid changes in European continent and the reason for the changes to instigate the woman of India also to work towards rapid changes and build a more developed

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