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Character District 9: Christopher Johnson Avatar: Neytiri Biography • Non-human= “alien” or “prawn” as if a bottom feeder or scavenger. • Is a father of a toddler son. • Is believed to be one of the last members of the alien spaceship’s commanding officers. • Took refuge in the militarized slum, District 9. • Spent twenty years collecting fuel samples that is required to operate the spaceship in order to travel back to his seven-mooned planet. • Human characteristics: intelligent, respectful, obedient, mature and non-aggressive. • Na’vi princess of Omaticaya clan. • Second-born child of Eytukan and Mo’at. • Younger sister of Sylwanin. • Will become future Tsahik. • Learnt to speak English from Grace Augustine’s school. • Intended mated…show more content…
• Actually reads the paper and questions the terms and conditions = human-like action. • Traits of compassion and love become evident when he tries his best to protect his little son from harm by telling him to go inside, away from the humans. Scene 20: • Broke into the MNU building with Wikus to regain the fuel sample. • Experiences a trance-like state when sighting a pile of ashes, formerly an alien = emotionally affected. • Results in the decision: helping and saving his species from further torture instead of transforming Wikus back to human. • The scene where she saves Jake from viper wolves = strong warrior. • The scene where she mates for life with Jake before Eywa at the Tree of Voices = fell in love with him. • The scene where her father dies and her sanctuary, Hometree has been obliterated = feelings of despair and anger. • The scene where she kills Colonel Quaritch =saves Jake’s avatar body + saves Jake’s human body by placing an oxygen mask over his face. Costumes • Newspaper merged as part of skin on head. • Torn human clothes: bright red vest that is taped together at the front and bright orange pants. • Bright colours= idea of hope and

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