Hmong American Culture Research Paper

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The Hmong Americans remember or recall their own experiences or those of their ancestors in China and Laos with family folklore. Folklore tells the story of the family’s ancestor’s achievements and persecutions along with their social values. The first generation of Hmong Americans speaks from their memory of the wars and exodus from China and Laos. Although there are many themes of family folklore, most tales are about the victory over poverty and suffering. Many of the second and third generation Hmong Americans have no recollection of China, Laos or other places their ancestors are from. What they know, they have learned from family folklore or social and educational interactions between other Hmong Americans. They know about the historic migration from China through their parents and grandparents. The tales of migration from China of the Hmong is passed down through oral history…show more content…
Many believe that the Hmong people of China are not the same as the Hmong Americans. The language is different in dialect, their traditions are different and their history is different than the Hmong’s who had to flee their country. Most Hmong Americans learn about their history through books, films and media. This information is diluted and revised through the passing down of information. The problem with folklore is that it changes with time and when you compare it to the Hmong of China and Laos, it is very different. The Hmong Americans believe that the Hmong in China have a substantially different culture from the Hmong of Many first generation Hmong elders tell stories of how the Hmong people had their own country and were forced to leave it when the Hmong lost the war with China. China and the Hmong had a conflict and the Hmong lost the war, so the Hmong got chased. So the Hmong fled and the Chinese took their land. The Hmong moved to Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, all over the world, and now in America.

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