Dietary Supplement In Thailand Case Study

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Dietary Supplement in Thailand and the AEC Dietary supplement in Thailand is still growing competently as consumers are shifting towards healthy trend. The health and wellness trend, as well as aging society, have driven a constant growth for dietary supplement market. Various factors contributed to the increasing demand for dietary supplement; healthy lifestyle among new generation, needs for good looks similar to actors and actresses, preparation for aging society, and easier access to dietary supplements from numerous sources such as convenient store, drug store, distributor, and online channel. Trends and Business Expansion for Thai Dietary Supplement Market Future food supplement market will not be much different from the past 10 years in terms of varieties of extract substances and products, but the change could take place in the purity of the substances which is continually improving. Also, consumers will have more chance to participate in creating the products that fit their demands instead of relying only on the instant formula from manufacturers. “Food of the Future” concept will become more important as “food that offers happiness and safety at the same time”. In the future, Internet of Things (IoT) will play a key role in the decision-making process of digital…show more content…
If Thailand wishes to increase net profit, Thai enterprises must be encouraged to manufacture and use extracts from raw materials in the country. For example, some supplement producers are emboldening fish processing factories to refine collagen for Thai food supplement market. The collagen from the fish factories in Thailand is in a better quality compare to products from abroad. However, Thailand still has less than 10 factories that are capable of refining collagen

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