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Film Review "Sure I can. Empty what is full. Fill what is empty. Scratch where it itches. That's it." This is how US Navy Pilot Dieter Dengler responded when asked if he had any words "for the boys" after his return from being a POW, or prisoner of war. This scene comes from the movie Rescue Dawn, in this scene Dengler has landed back on his air craft carrier after being brought back by his comrades and,to his astonishment, no one is aboard the ship-at least that’s what he thinks. His helicopter is lowered to the lower deck and every member and Airplane pilot of the ship is there to welcome him back. This movie explains the trails and tribulation a POW goes through while being held captive. Amy Polovich's Snapshot titled, "HANOI HILTON AND POWS", she discusses different POW camps like the one listed in Rescue Dawn. The message depicted in the film coupled with the snapshot assist viewers in understanding what POW's experienced after capture. Throughout the film there were major key points such as Pilot Dengler being shot down while flying over Laos, Vietnam on a classified mission. Later he is found and taken by the Pathet Lao, which a communist movement group. He is taken to the province leader where he is asked to sign a paper stating that he condemns America. He objected to…show more content…
This film was created so we could understand what certain POW went through, because this was based on a true story. From the prisoners having to eat insect larvae to survive to Dengler eating the snake alive because he was so hungry. The conditions of their living also send such a powerful message as to how bad the Vietnam War was and how bad war really is. It is eye opening for us to be able to have first-hand accounts of what secret operations took place. Another message you could pick up is how the Villagers and everyone else in the country treated American soldiers, they hated them and wanted them

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