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Baumrind focused on four aspects for family functioning. They included: warmth and nurturance, clarity and consistency of rules, level of expectations or maturity demands, and communication. These four traits combine together and form the different parenting styles. Baumrind identified three different parenting styles. Maccoby and Martin offered a different variation to Baumrind ideas which added a fourth type of parenting style. Each of them is a different strategy that a parent uses to manage their children’s behavior. There is the permissive parenting style notable for high nurturance and low maturity demands, control, and communication. The authoritarian parenting style which is characterized by low nurturance and communication, but with high amounts of control and material demands. Authoritative parenting style which is high in nurturance, maturity…show more content…
This type of parent would respond to a child who is refusing to do something by asserting physical, social, and emotional control over their child. This parenting style is associated with negative outcomes in the child development. Children whose parents use this style often do not do well in school. They tend to be ether subdued or show signs of high aggressiveness toward others. This style has been shown to be common in Asian Americans and to have greater numbers in African Americans as well. The Permissive style has high levels of nurturance with low levels of maturity demands, control, and communications. They would respond to a child disobeying by allowing the child to do whatever they want. This parent style like the last shows high levels of negative outcomes. They also do worst in school and are more likely to be more aggressive than their peers. They are less social developed resulting in immature behavior with their peers and are less likely to take

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