Lack Of Freedom Of Religion In The United States

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Although freedom of religion is believed to be a valid right in the United States, this is not always the case. Today hundreds of people are victimized because of their faith. As stated in the Second Amendment, the government does not have the right to treat people differently because of their religion. Every person has a right to believe what they want to, and the government does not have the right to spy on people of certain religions because they are a "threat". As can be seen in many countries across the globe, this problem occurs to different degrees. This issue has been the cause of many terrible uprisings and events, resulting in war and massacres or innocent people. Even though this hasn’t happened yet in the United States, if the government keeps favoring certain religions, people will come to…show more content…
Not only is it affecting our adults, but it’s also affecting our youth. Freedom of religion is a very important topic in today’s world, and isn’t talked about nearly enough as it should be. It is a serious issue and it affects more and more people every day. This country’s founders wrote the Constitution the way they did for a reason, and today’s government needs to realize that. The citizens of the United States deserve to be free in choosing and practicing their religion. There is an obvious disfavor towards the Muslim practice, ever since the attacks on 9/11. Even though the country is rightfully cautious to not let anything like that happen ever again, it doesn’t give them an excuse to spy on every living, breathing Muslim living in the United States. Schools and public associations don’t have the right to favor religions either, as it is still a violating, whether it be on a federal, state, or local level. No matter what the situation, the government never has the right to take advantage of an individual’s freedom to worship and believe in whatever they

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