Similarities Between Hamlet And The Lion King

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The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” Meets “The Lion King” Two Stories of Revenge To take a classic Shakespearian tragedy and turn it into a children's film seems almost beyond comprehension. I intend to show how that was accomplished with “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” by William Shakespeare and “The Lion King” a movie produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. These media, classic play and animated children's film, are not as far separated as many may envision. Each starts with a story they wish to tell. Each needs to create a story interesting to their targeted audience and each strives to illustrate the point of their story comprehensibly enough that their audience can…show more content…
When the observer first meets Simba, the cub has just been born and his birth is being celebrated by his royal family. Simba's father, King Mustafa, and his mother, Queen Sarabi, introduce him to their subjects, the pride. As the king's son,he is a prince and heir. Hamlet is not introduced until the second scene in Act I. Brooding over his mother's remarriage and mourning the death of his royal father, King Hamlet, the younger Hamlet is described as being dressed in dark clothing with downcast eyes. Hamlet is also a king's son and prince. Simba's uncle, Scar, is jealous of Mustafa, the king, and of Simba, the royal heir to the leadership of the pride. Scar schemes and ponders ways to take over the pride and satisfy his ego. Nothing less than kingship will satisfy him. Hamlet's uncle, Claudius, was jealous of King Hamlet and lusted for both Queen Gertrude and the throne of Denmark. The queen also desired Claudius and had engaged in trysts with him while the king was alive. Claudius was aware that Hamlet could be dangerous and derail his carefully engineered…show more content…
The Hyenas, Scar's minions, were lying in wait to kill Simba on Scar's orders by starting a stampede by a herd of wildebeests down the gorge. Simba is saved by Mustafa and narrowly escapes with his life. Mustafa is severely injured in the stampede, but nearly escapes the gorge when Scar intervenes and pushes him back into the path of the thundering herd. Simba is unaware of Scar's actions or that his uncle plotted to kill him too. Later, Scar is able to convince his nephew that, his father,Mustafa, had died as a result of Simba's disobedience in going where he wasn't allowed and in Mustafa having to rescue him. Ashamed of his actions and unable to face his mother or the members of his pride, Simba flees from family and friends. While in his self imposed exile from the pride Simba sees the ghost of his father in the sky. Mustafa tells Simba that he must return home and retake his birthright. Hamlet's father also appeared to him as a ghost and urged him to avenge his murder. This revenge would restore Prince Hamlet to his rightful place on the throne and allow the former king to rest in peace. This is when Hamlet first learns that his father was indeed

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