Summary Of Troy's Hard Work

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When Troy left, he starts to realize how much hard work gets into to make a living and earn money. Historically speaking, he did live through the years where slavery ended. However, just because slavery ended does not mean that everything was peaceful and fair for colored people. Troy says once he got to the city, for all blacks it was hard to find a Job and place to live. That they were “living down there on the river banks in whatever kind of shelter they could find for themselves”pg 54. Rights were tough to gain at this time, and education was very slim, the only job available was farming. Troy did not know how to farm, but worked his way through. His job helped him create a mindset where he would have to push through whatever he was feeling. If he was tired, sad, he…show more content…
A most recent example of him being mentally tough is when he tells Mr.Rand his observations. Troy says that only white people are the drivers and that the colored people are doing the dirty harder work. Troy has been through worse things than speaking to his boss. Therefore, he is not afraid to tell his boss what he is seeing. This is a result of being mentally tough because his past work and experiences have taught him to be strong and not let fear put him down from doing what he would like to do. In this example he rebels and it got him a promotion, now he is a driver. Being mentally tough allows him not to sit and wait for a dream job to randomly appear, he has to take action to get what he desire and encourages his kids to do the same. This allows him to be wise as well because he does not waste the money he works hard for. For example when Cory asked his dad if they can buy a TV Troy said would you waste money on a tv or on the roof during the winter when it leaks. He knows due to the past it is better to save money for the essentials and not the

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