Charlemagne: A Light In The Dark Ages

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Charlemagne; A Light in the Dark Ages Historians have always been fascinated by the time periods in which there are collapsed and failing circumstances. It is logical to believe that that is because there is a desire to fully understand what happened during times of decline so that there can be a better understanding of how it has influenced modern society and how to avoid them in our modern times as well. The impacts of social classes, kingdoms, war, and ideas of a specific time slowly shape and sculpt generations for years to come. Therefore exploring the ins and outs of the Dark Ages has always been a fascinating topic for historians, students, scholars and people of all ages. When this fascinating era is explored, it is searched thoroughly…show more content…
Although this age is full of mystery and interest, it can easily be said that it was a positive happening that the age did not continue. If classical ideas and intellectual influences had not been introduced once again to the society of that time, history could have turned out quite differently. Rather fortunately for all of humanity though, it did not, due to Charlemagne of the Franks. Without doubt, the educational and intellectual influences that Charlemagne introduced into the culture drastically increased the figurative growth of the average mind and continued to influence education for centuries afterwards. Through the restoring of many classical books, constructing a basic foundation for education, bringing some of the greatest minds of the time to the Frankish kingdom, and restoring literacy to the clergy, Charlemagne magnificently restored and improved the knowledge of mankind in…show more content…
It is presumed that Charles’ education and activities consisted mostly of riding and hunting in view of the fact that “according to the custom of the Franks, (young boys) ride and be practiced in the use of arms and ways of hunting.” Charles as a prince did not receive a formal elementary education when he was young. In his own time and through many centuries of kings and nobles before him, being illiterate if you were a ruler was not seen as shameful. Unlike the kings and nobles before him though, as Charles grew he understood what great importance education held for an individual and

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