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History repeats itself ever so often, yet humans always fail to see the repeating patterns. One can name any great historic empire for example the Greek, Mughal, British or Roman, and each and every one of these had a fatal flaw that was the cause of their failure. United States of America is a present day empire. Many people may disagree and say that United States is not an empire, and some even insist that an “empire” can only an entity that directly rules over large-scale conquered territory, the present day U.S influence say otherwise. Today to majority of the world, U.S looks decidedly imperial because of it’s muscular US policies and it’s global superiority. United States similar to any other empire of the past has made mistakes…show more content…
Throughout the book Forever War, the author Dexter Filkins points out in various parts of the novel,where an issue that is created due to the miscommunications caused by language barriers. Communication is the key to success in any kind of relationship. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of communication is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior”. Filkins himself has various translators throughout the journey of his book and is incredibly dependent on them. Filkin says, “I didn't speak arabic myself”(Filkins 118). “The most basic barrier was language itself. Very few of the Americans in Iraq, whether soldiers or diplomats or newspaper reporters, could speak more than a few words of Arabic. A remarkable number of them…show more content…
The incident mentioning the portrayal of the Iraqi Hospitals about Paul “Jerry” Bremer, was misleading and Filkins even shows us the truth (Filkins 136). Majority of the people even today, know the “truth” that Bremer showed because that was the truth that was published by the mass media. Bremer says how the Mubarqa Maternity Hospital, is doing better than it did during Saddam Hussain’s dictatorship. Bremer says how there is an increase in the amount of medicines since before, all of the hospitals are open and the electricity has gotten eleven times better ( Filkins 138). Filkin later goes to meet with the hospital record keeper and find out the truth. The keeper tells Filkin how the babies did not die in such high percentages during Saddam’s times and how people worked harder because if they did not, they would be fired. The Keeper also points out how there is rather a lack of media ones rather than being an increase in them (Filkins 140). This story makes one wonder how many stories like these have been hid over the years and replaced with fake version. Is it justified to lie to the people to make the situations seem better? It is not justified but it happens

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