Labor Unions Pros And Cons

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When you become a member of the working class, you also become apart of the Civilian Labor Force. The Civilian Labor Force is men and women 16 years old and over who are either working or looking for work. BUT! With any job you have you become part of a labor union. Labor unions are groups of employees who band together to have a better chance to obtain certain things; such as higher pay and better working conditions. In a labor union a representative is selected to negotiate with the employer on behalf of the employees. Many things that are negotiated are wages, better benefits, work hours, and so on. Obviously with every occupation the wants and needs of the employees are going to differ. There are many different types of unions, for many different types of jobs. For example the ‘Craft Union’ is for jobs like bakers…show more content…
( ) One major disadvantage to labor unions is that certain unions, known as “Closed Unions”, will only hire members of the union. This will prevent many people from getting the job even if they are more qualified than a skilled union member. The origin of labor unions dates all the way to the Industrial Revolution in Europe. At this time in the revolution there was a large surplus of jobs and employees that needed somebody to represent them and help get them better working conditions. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the United States started labor unions. The most popular union in history is the American Federation of Labor. The AFL was founded in 1886 by Samuel Grompers. ( This union had around 1.4 million members and is well known for wage increases and bettering the

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