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Mexico and the United States, as a result of its geographical proximity, developed an interdependent relation as we already know from Martinez’s work. Both Mexico and the United States have experienced influence from the other side of the border. However, we understand that the United States has a better economic status than Mexico. For this reason, the influence that the United States has over Mexico in the borderlands is greater than Mexico’s over the United States. As a result of this, the creation of maquiladoras or maquilas in Mexico started to be an important change in the border by the 1960s. Like everything, the introduction of maquiladoras in Mexico has its pros and cons for both sides of the border. Nonetheless, cons are more notorious on the Mexican side of the border. After a series of peso devaluation, Mexican labor appeared to be…show more content…
Questions about environmental health, and crime started to be a common topic along the border. For instance, the murders of dozens of women in Juárez were an important and terrific event where maquiladoras seemed to be related to. Most of these dead women share almost the same characteristics. They came from other parts of the country, their physical characteristics were similar too, and they worked in maquiladoras in Juárez (Davidson, 39). These women showed signs of torture when their bodies were found. Women in maquiladoras wear miniskirts and sometimes they even participate in what is called Miss Maquiladora. There’s a hypothesis for this terrible murders. The authority charged a number of bus drivers for some of these crimes. However, other experts affirm that the high level of attention that women get by their bosses, and when men felt “humiliated” because they were doing the same work as women these crime unleashed. This theory is based on the fact that some women were found with a severed breast. Even this is a theory, we might never find the real

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