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Annotated Bibliography Carpintero, Helio (2004). Watson’s Behaviorism: A Comparison of the Two Editions (1925 and 1930). History of Psychology, 7, p. 183-202. This article was a review of John Watson’s 1925 book, Behaviorism, and the second, revised version that was published in 1930. The author compares the two versions, pointing out the differences between them and the changes that were made to the revised edition. This article provides an in-depth explanation and review of the changes to Watson’s theories and views as he continued his research and finished his career in psychology. This article does not provide any new information or research. Malone, J. C. (2009). Psychology: Pythagoras to Present. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. In this book, the author discusses the transformation from philosophy to modern psychology. Malone explains the transition from…show more content…
C., & Garcia-Penagos, A. (2014, September). When a Clear Strong Voice was Needed: A Retrospective Review of Watson's (1924/1930) Behaviorism. Journal of the Experimental Analyses of Behavior, 102(2), 267-287. Malone and Garcia- Penagos’ article describes the view that has been taken by many on John Watson and his views on psychology. While Watson brought forth behaviorism and the idea to study and observe the actions of humans, as well as use that knowledge to predict and influence these actions, many believed that he was treating humans as machines. In fact, his belief that human’s behaviors are a result of stimulants, rather than the result of a separate conscious was not received with open arms. Many people frowned upon the idea of studying humans objectively and without considering thoughts and emotions as the driving force. This article, points out the many contributions to psychology provided by Watson and his theory, although in many cases these contributions are overlooked and overshadowed by his unpopular methods. Moore, J. (2011). Behaviorism. The Psychological Record, 61, p.

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