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My 3rd book in this semester, and my last book in UIFLE is Hatchet, written by Gary Paulsen. When I read a book, I first predict what the story will be by the cover, and name. I actually seen this book at my school library in korean. I didn't read it, but it was popular, I guess. So I really expected a good story. However, I was a bit disappointed. This book is about a story of a thirteen-year old boy's survival in an island. However, this story starts with a divorce. Very not realated with surviving. With divorce, this thirteen-year old Brian spends a tough time. He is mentally broken. He keeps thinking these words-Divorce, Break, The Secret. He keeps crying. Then, in summer, he gets to spend some time with his dad. His dad works as an enginer at Canadian oil fields. He takes a small airplane to there. He was the only passenger in the craft. On his way, his pilot gets a heart attack, and makes an emergency landing on an inhabited island. Then his fifty-four…show more content…
All he has is a hatchet his mom gave to him as a gift, and a tattered windbreaker. He panics, like normal. Every thirteen-year old boy would cry in that situation. Then he chooses to live. To not panic and live. Therefore, with the hatchet, he makes arrows and a bow, to hunt down some fish, and birds. Then he makes his own shelter. There was hard times like when he got injured by a moose, but he does a great job. A boy who were used to receiving things, now became to make his own. However a whirlwind destories all his stuff. That was on his forty-seventh day of survival. Then he sees the plane that he took to this island. He saw its tail. He makes a raft using his windbreaker as a rope, and gets to the plane. In the craft, he finds a bag and a dead body of the pilot. It was torn and eaten. In the bag, he gets a rifle, some food, sleeping bag, knife, and an emergency transmitter. He uses the transmitter, and a plane come to rescue him. It was his fifty-fourth day on the

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