King Xerxes: Villain Or Vilified?

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King Xerxes AKA Shahanshah translated as emperor was the king in Egypt during 486 b.c.e to 465 b.c.e. In this assessment we will be finding out whether Xerxes was villain or vilified. Xerxes inherited his rule from his father Darius the Great after his untimely death. Xerxes was not Darius’ first born son but was the first born son from Darius’ wife Atossa. Xerxes’ half-brother Artabazenes claimed the throne soon after Darius’ death but was rejected because his mother was a commoner whereas Xerxes mother was the daughter of Cyrus the Great. The Achaemenid Empire where Xerxes ruled was in new world Iran and was founded in the 6th century by Xerxes grandfather Cyrus the great. Xerxes was born in 519 b.c.e. in the Achaemenid Empire. He ruled…show more content…
Because of these rebellions Xerxes had the Babylonians deity Marduk’s gold statue melted down. At night Xerxes was by doubts that would make him chose to retreat but the next day Xerxes had a vision that threatened him with the loss of his power and influence if he gave up on the war. So he made an announcement saying that they would be going ahead with the war. Xerxes had his men build a bridge but upon its completion a storm destroyed it. Angered xerxes ordered his men to whip the sea for its disobedience. To add to this Xerxes had 9 native boys and girls buried alive, this begged ill will because after this Xerxes general Pharnuches fell from his horse when a dog got in the way so he was not able to participate in the parade at Sardis. Also when the army marched forward a pride of lions attacked the camels. Xerxes was crazed for power and greedy for land, these where only a few of the reasons why Xerxes was seen as a power hungry crazed king. Once Xerxes gave up his control of the army to his cousin and general Mardonius, he fled to Asia Minor to have his father’s palace at Susa completed; he also had the construction of Persepolis completed as well. This bid well with the people because it showed them that their king was almighty. Once the construction of the buildings was completed Xerxes reclined to a lavish living which slowly started to ruin the Achaemenid

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