Pros And Cons Of Pope Francis

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The recent arrival of Pope Francis to the United States has caused quite a stir in the labor union community, one that expresses hope for a future of economic equality. One of the Pope’s intentions during this expedition was to speak to the various work unions, especially the ones in Washington DC. This comes as a sense of rejuvenation to the working class who have often been silenced in recent years. DePillis recognizes this previous period in which the Catholic Church and worker’s unions lost focus on economic inequality, when she states: “As U.S. Catholics grew wealthier, they felt less of a need to make common cause with the labor movement. Through the 1990s and 2000s, many dioceses became distracted by sexual abuse scandals, and unions…show more content…
A phrase called the Tragedy of the Commons is what’s to blame for the degradation of worker’s rights. Professor Ryan Black expands on this subject in a recent lecture when he states: “Laborers are the commons. They are a shared resource that is being exploited by me and all my capitalist buddies, for economic gain. And so I’m pushing to lower salaries, I’m pushing to make them work more. As I continue to do this, it eventually gets to a point where they can no longer afford anything, let alone the product that they are actually making. So the widgets that they are producing, it becomes such a dire situation that the folks who are making these things can’t buy them. This leads to desperation, this leads to basically the seeds of a revolution and fighting the system and turning inwards.” (9/30/2015, 1:00:07-1:00:53) These capitalists are allowed to continually exploit these workers and no one will consider stopping them. Therefore, the Pope’s current agenda for economic equality is going to confront major financial leaders who have profited from their poor working

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