Lab Report Enzyme Experiment

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Introduction: The two main variables that were used during the Enzyme Lab Activity were the independent variable and the dependent variable. The independent variable is the variable that is not changed by the other variables that are being measured; it is also the control in the experiment. The control is needed to be able to compare results, so that one can confirm the reliability of the experiment. The dependent variable depends on other aspects. During the experiment performed, the independent variable was the pH solutions, and the dependent was the time it took for the reaction to occur. Enzymes are different types of proteins that originate from living organisms in order to produce a chemical reaction in substances by a catalyst. Enzymes lower activation energy, which is the least amount of energy needed to start a reaction, and therefore, speeds up important reactions without…show more content…
Enzymes are able to move parts that are large in the internal section of the cell; they make the energy required for the cell to sustain life. Enzymes allow cells to grow by breaking down molecules. Specific enzymes bind to specific molecules, called substrates to produce a specific reaction. Catalase is an enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). Catalase occurs when the enzyme breaks down hydrogen peroxide by removing and binding one oxygen atom and releasing the hydrogen peroxide molecule as water. Catalase breaks down a second hydrogen peroxide molecule by releasing oxygen gas and water. Catalase works at it best when the human pH level is at 7. Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid made of only water and oxygen and is also colorless. Catalase is an important enzyme because it would be extremely unhealthy and harmful if there was an excess of hydrogen peroxide in

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