Food Engineering Personal Statement

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‘Nothing is all wrong, even a clock that has stopped running is correct twice a day'. This is the philosophy of my life. After rejecting medical admission test, I take admission test in various universities and finally I get admission in Food Engineering & Tea Technology department at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology. As my dream was to work in medical field, I always explored something that relates food, nutrients, and human health. Finally, I was pondering to read an article in 2010 in daily star heading ‘Toxic poultry feed poses health risk'. I came to know from the report that poultry and fish feed possessed by tannery waste which is a serious health risk for consumers because contaminants directly entering the food chain. After reading that article, I have a lot of question into my mind. What happen if heavy metals entered into our body? What is their…show more content…
Here, i learned rheological behavior of foods, properties of fluids, homogenization and pasteurization, operating and design principle of various equipment and their application in food processing, principles and methods of food preservation, general principles underlying meat spoilage, storage of vegetables and fruits, physical, chemical and microbial water treatment, food value and nutritional status of beverage, application of enzymes in food products, microbial screening, critical quality control point in different stages of production including raw materials and processing materials, chemical and microbial quality control, biochemical changes during tea

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