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Life has a way of doing things. Many unexpected, happy, terrible, things can happen to any individual or person. However, in the book Life of Pi, Pi says ”You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it” (Pg.115). There are many elements in life that will keep people off guard but, as Pi said, Life must be taking the best way possible as there are uncontrollable variable but, controllable ones as well. Through the course of the book, Pi shows how he makes the best of his life through his various challenges and difficulties he goes through. Life is how people make it out to be. In the book, Life of Pi, Pi shows us through his various challenges how to make it through and make the best of his life. Pi uses religion as a major source of how he lives his life and makes the best out of it because of it. Also, he uses it as his hope when he is deserted by himself with Richard Parker. Religion helps many different people with their lives just like Pi in real life. In today’s society, there is famine, terrorism, and many other terrible things but, people use religion to help themselves through their lives and find a new inspiration to make the best of their lives. Religion is a major help factor in people making the best of their lives.…show more content…
For example, my parents have gone through poverty, “war”, and taxes but, they fought through their lives and made the best of it having fun and living their lives. Eventually, through their hard work, they were able to get to America and have great lives. Pi makes the best of what he has left when he is deserted, and tries to live and make the best of it. In the end, he has a “happy ending” with his kids and his wife. Pi and my parents show that through their hard work, anybody can reach their “happy ending”

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