Spyware: The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

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The world is no place for children to explore at a young age, this includes the abyss of trouble that the Internet provides a click of a button away. To prevent this, parents must use spyware to monitor what children access on the World Wide Web, and take disciplinary action if needed. In his article, “The Undercover Parent”, Harlan Coben agrees that parents should install and use spyware on their computers in order to protect their children. He warns parents that there is a fine line between monitoring and being nosey and that parents need to use spyware for the right reasons. Parents should install spyware on their computers to protect their children, to be responsible parents, and to give their children an incentive to make good internet…show more content…
Spyware help teachers and parents guard children against online bullying. This usage of the spyware Instrument could lead to further preservation of a child's social self-worth. Spyware also would isolate the oppressor that beleaguers other children. A guarded lifestyle is what children need to grow up as pure an as wholesome as possible. Spyware could prevent future divulge of personal information. Any personal knowledge that is late on the internet can be consumed by predators. Knowing what and when this knowledge was exposed with spyware, parents can avoid future conflict with online strangers by taking appropriate action. It is a parental duty to protect and uphold a family “bubble” of privacy and security for their children. Spyware is needed to help handle parents with their responsibilities and who children interact on the…show more content…
“He’d had this conversation before of course, but this time he had Context. She listened.” This quotation from the text displays that children do accept their consequences resulting from the wrong doing of which their parents gather from spyware, and changed their habits. In other words children that have been caught by their parents doing wrong once, do not want to be caught again in fear of being monitored by adults using spyware. “To borrow from National Intelligence lexicon-and yes that's uncomfortable-you're listening for dangerous chatter.” This evidence startles some parents for fear of unnecessary supervision, but in fact it is just a strong title that has faulty over people. This is no iniquity but just designation of an overseer. That being said teen, having known of their monitoring, should have a piece of mind regarding this implement set over them and make just online

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