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This gender situation could have been completely avoided. These kids are at the age where it okay to participate in Coed sports. The league has allowed Kymora to participate in the national basketball tournament for the past two years. It is unfair to her and her team to disqualify them. It was obvious that they did not know of this new rule that was randomly in place. It seems like a lot of the people that were helping to run the event had no actual knowledge of this rule being in place. If this new rule was sent out to everyone why did the check-in people allow Kymora to enter without any trouble? This new rule looks like it was made the day the event was started because many of the participants were unaware. Kymora’s team and another team…show more content…
The males do not treat Kymora any differently from the other players. In the case study it speaks on the fact that the kids acted more like adults then the parents. This reason is because at this age group of ten, girls and boys have not actually hit puberty. The skillset and strength have yet to differ for both genders at this time. So it does not make a difference is she plays because they are all at the same level. Her playing with the boys at this age does not put her in any harm because the boy are not that much faster or stronger than her. The rule they have in place right now is very unfair because it is like a teaser to the female participants because it allows them to play in the regular season but, when it comes to the post season they are not allow to play. This is wrong. The league should not allow females to play if they cannot participated in the games that actually count. The best thing for the league to do is allow Kymora to play right now and put an age limit for when girls can no longer participate in male basketball at all. This would make a whole lot more sense and would be more understanding to the parents and kids. At the age of twelve is where many kids start to hit pubery if Kymora was to play with boys at this age she would be in more danger because boys at twelve are much stronger than girls. By them installing this age requirement it would let people know ahead of time and would not put the kids in an awkward position of girls playing with

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