Swapping Places: A Story Of Kyle Awake

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The story is about swapping places and I’m going to tell you how did it all started. But first I am going to tell you about Kyle and mom there like. Kyle is like: very smart, study rocks,he’s very kind,Kyle can understand people that other people can’t. Mom is: very kind, smart,works good, good mom. It was 8/20/15 about 4:30 pm and Kyle was talking to mom about how was your day. There both days you're bad enough and here comes dad. dad said “Why are you two fight about”. About our day mom says. Kyle says I bet you won’t last in my shoes for one day. Mom says I bet you can. Then mom wishes mom and Kyle swap places for one day. Then the next day that happen I took mom to school and I got to work. Its is almost during the day. My mom had all

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