Kundalini Reflection

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I began to be directed more in a more meaningful and fullfiling manner, my life has changed I was feling a kind of love that brought me to tears when I see the sufferings around me, I looked for better explanations of the principles established by Yeshua It was as if I was indesparate need, my soul was yearning for truth, I began to listen more to people who advocate for the unity of the Human Race, I began to spend more time alone with the desire to be taught by Yeshua, to be touched by him and to heal my soul of the many junk I had accumulated, it was like I was obsessed with my new found meaning to life. This was at a time I was going through the most life changing time of life, I was desparate for a real relationship with this man that…show more content…
I was desparate…show more content…
I I found many witnesses to support my new faith of oneness of God and the universal love of Christ, I did not belong to any group of people nor did I attend any church, I went direct to my master, I had nothing to loose but everything to gain, my relationship with my master began to grow and I feel very lived, I feel proud that I had gone through the pains but I sometime feared, I was in touch with the Devine and I became fearful but at all times I was comforted, I look at my children in a different light, I began to question the teaching of sin, punishment of God and the Christ as a sacrifice of sin I was led to many books sites and I had teachings that were unorthodox about

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