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Starting from age one cards have always been in my life. I learned shapes and numbers, through cards. The first thing my family taught me about cards was that there are fifty-two cards in a deck. I can recall my brothers ramblin on with facts. “Four suits in a deck. Each suit is different. Hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs.Thirteen cards in a suit.” As a young child, cards seemed to spiral around me. Soon cards began to have a new meaning. Not numbers and shapes, but memories. Memories with my family. Fifty-two no longer meant the card count, but rather the number of weeks in a year. The four suits represent my grandparents. Hearts became a symbol of love and care. Memories transitioned into a treasure of timonds. Lose and pain are seen through the spiked spades. Clubs remind me of the luck and…show more content…
Spending hours upon hours with my brothers pushing me to understand the concept of cards. To the years I would spend sitting on my grandpa’s lap watching him play solitaire. The times I would spend sneaking into the freezer to smuggle ice cream. Back to the frustration when learning a new card game while, my grandpa and brothers would laugh at me with amusement. Two resembles my parents. To before I could remember, my parents were and still are always there for me. I remember them taking time out of there day to take me to practices. No matter what they might have been or are doing, they had and have time for me. The three represents my age. Since age three, I would try my absolute hardest to take part in family card games. Even it I might have not understood what was going on, I was always a part of the game. My family would try to teach me the rules and concept of the game. Four stands for the common number of people needed to play a game. The most common card game my family would play was pitch. Before I fully understood the game, my cousins would sit me on their lap and explain the game to me while they

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