Mercy Killing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men is a dramatic and suspenseful novel beautifully written by John Steinbeck, a man from Salinas, California. The novel explores countless themes and opinions, such as “the American dream” and “loneliness”, but one subject that has brought many important controversies is the idea of mercy killing. I personally disagree with the idea of mercy killing and believe it should not be permitted because it is the murder of one’s soul and that is illegal. The story Of Mice and Men is about two men named Lennie and George who travel to different places in order to fulfill the “American Dream” which is best explained as the idea that people will be successful if they work hard and live morally. Both of the men had a dream to buy a ranch together and work for themselves. However when they move to their new work, things do not go as planned and their lives…show more content…
He is quick-witted and usually bases his decisions off of what is best for or what will benefit Lennie. Ironically, Lennie is the opposite, he is large and his mind works in a childlike manner. Lennie usually does not recognize his strength and this later cause many altercations with various characters. George and Lennie are important to the story because the plot revolves around them and their dream to one day own their own ranch. They are also a part of the climax of the story which adds to their importance throughout the novel. The definition of mercy killings in the dictionary is defined as the killing of someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any further suffering. In 2005, statistics show that 84% of people believe that mercy killing is justified, 10% believe it is not, and 6% believes there are certain conditions that come into play and can be justified. There has been many cases including the Jack Kevorkian case and the Nazi euthanasia program, cases like these have brought national attention to mercy

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