Tycho Brahe's Accomplishments

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Tycho Brahe is a Danish nobleman, who I would like to dub the father of astronomy. Brahe’s keen sense of observation led to him developing tools that allowed him to view the location of planets in the most accurate way of his time. Brahe even solidified the fact that the heavens are changeable when he discovered a new star and comet located above the moon. Brahe was the mentor of many astronomers and philosophers we regard highly for their discoveries about other worlds. Even though Brahe planted so many successful seeds and accomplished as much as he did on his own, he isn’t given as much credit as he deserves. The fact that he is so obscure is disrespectful, because he is essentially the reason we know the exact locations of the other worlds we are continuously searching for.…show more content…
Wanting astronomy to be a career for a person of his class was weird to many, however Brahe didn’t care and was even given money by King Frederick II to live on an island and continue to study science. On this island Brahe developed several of his own tools that allowed him to do what he claimed astronomers were supposed to, look at stars. Utilizing his pre-telescope creation, Brahe was able to observe a star above the moon in 1572. Finding this star was revolutionary, because it refuted Aristotle’s idea about the upper atmosphere. This was one of his first accomplishments, he proved that the heavens are changeable opposed to the previous belief that the heavens were unchanging. Brahe’s finding of a comet in 1575 further proved that Aristotle’s point was off, when he discovered a comet that was farther away from Earth than the

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