Karaoke Speech

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Every friend circle has at least one singer by default. Most of them, unfortunately, have more than one. Guess what’s their favourite hangout? Bingo! A karaoke joint! However, in every group, there is also at least one hapless person who sits quietly in the corner when everyone takes the mic turn by turn. He or she winces whenever someone turns to them and feigns to sing by moving lips randomly. Whether one may sing or not – Karaoke has become a global phenomenon, especially in Sikkim. Even in the tiniest of towns in Sikkim: the ones with only one or two restaurants/pubs – usually it’s a single entity – one will find that even those restaurants cum pubs have a karaoke system installed. Sometimes, it is a group of boisterous youth vying for the songs book; other times, a family gathering where embarrassed teens are coerced by their parents to sing in front of relatives; and mostly, those middle-aged men who don’t care if they are singing way off scale. Whatever the scenario, it is about sharing a song with others; or maybe in narcissist cases, being there at the centre. Desolate Echo, her voice drowned in all the singing. For some, it has even become a hobby. They are regulars in these joints just to sing! Ordinarily, you can identify one by watching their…show more content…
Now houses don’t only have grand sound systems but also karaoke systems. Some have even converted their computers into a full-time singing machine. To put it simply, karaoke has become the guitar of 80s-90s. Remember how every house had at least one guitar and everyone was a guitarist. There it is - a great research topic for anthropologists, psychologists, and those-who-like-doing-research-o-logists: “The Origin and Widespread Expansion of Karaoke in Sikkim, and Its Connection with the Similar Phenomenon of Guitars a Few Decades Back – A Study of Link between Music and People of Sikkim, Himalayas, India,
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